Best Oster Bread MakersBread is an important and common meal in most families: both in the underdeveloped and developed worlds. For this reason, having a bread maker for your home is ideal.

However, selecting the best bread maker is not an easy task and requires the complete knowledge of the various brands and types of breadmakers in the market.

Among the best manufacturers include Oster. These manufacturers are not only known for their excellent customer services in shipping and returns but also their high quality products.

In this article therefore, I will provide you with a list of the best oster bread machines available in the market.

1. Oster CKSTBR9050 (2 lbs)

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This best bread machine can bake up to 2lb loaves in less than an hour and has an additional gluten-free setting which makes it stand out among the best bread makers.

Salient features

This machine is characterized by:

  • Utilizes the Expressbake cycle to bake up to 2 lbs. loaves. This expressbake mode ensures that full baking is completed in less than an hour
  • Has 13 settings inclusive of gluten free setting that provides a cheaper alternative to the expensive brands bought from the stores. In addition, this best bread maker has three
  • crust selections including light, medium and dark selections. Other pre-programmed settings include basic, French, bake one pound express, sweet, whole wheat., quick, bake 1.5 pound express, pasta dough, cake, and jam.
  • Has a 13-hour programmable baking timer which allows for the delaying of baking time
  • Has a user friendly push button control panel and a large LCD display that allows the easy monitoring of the whole baking process
  • Has a removable pan that is nonstick with an ideal size fitting 2 lb. rectangular shaped loaves of bread
  • It also has a viewing window made of glass for the easy monitoring of the baking process
  • Comes with its own accessories including a measuring cup and scoop, kneading blade) 2 in number) and a kneading –blade removal tool
  • It has a one year limited warranty

2. Oster 5838 (2 lbs)

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This best bread machine from Oster is ideal for any domestic use due to its extraordinarily unique and high quality features. In addition, its employment of the expressbake cycle ensures full and complete baking with various recipe selections.

Salient features

The following features qualify this bread maker among the best Oster bread makers.

  • This bread machine bakes a maximum of 2 lb. horizontal loaves in just within an hour. Hence ideal for use by larger families and also time efficient.
  • 2 lb. programmable breadmaker, allowing for the easy detection of the baked bread due to the aroma emitted
  • 3-step programming that perfectly makes 1-1/2 or 2 lb. horizontal loaves each time
  • Has a user-friendly panel with a 13-hour delay bake and I hour keep warm ensuring convenient serving
  • Comprises of 8 bread settings: including basic, French, sweet, 58 minute expressbake, dough,80-minute expressbake, whole wheat and bake( for marmalades and jams)
  • Has its own unique high quality accessories including a nonstick aluminum bread pan and kneading paddle
  • Has an ideal size of 11-1/2 by 14-3/4 by 11 inches, suitable for domestic use, with a one year limited warranty

3. Oster Inspire 5836 (2 pounds)

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This new Oster bread and dough maker has specially been made to ensure you come up with the best recipe ever. Its advanced and high quality features that have employed technological use qualify it among the best bread making machines.

Salient features

This best bread machine is characterized by:

  • Has 13-hour programmable baking timer that allows the delaying of baking for up to 13 hours. This allows you to either come home or wake up to the aroma and expectation of a freshly baked loaf
  • Comprises of special cycles of baking for different varieties of bread and dough
  • Has specially been fitted with an heavy duty aluminum bread pan that not only ensures even baking but also creation of a better crust
  • Mixes, molds, rises and bakes up to 1lb to 1-1/2 lb. loaves in just a single unit hence suitable for larger families
  • Small in size hence appropriate for domestic use

4. Oster 5838 Expressbake (1.5 lbs)

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This best breadmaker utilizes the 58-minute expressbake in its baking addition, it comprises of other high quality technological embraced features that quality it among the best bread machines from oster.

Salient features

This breadmaker is characterized by:

  • Can make either 1 lb., 1.5 lb. or 2 lb. size loaves
  • Has a 58 minute cycle of the express bake cycle
  • Ideal for family use: useful in making family size loaves of different natural bread varieties
  • It has an audible signal that serves to ensure quality and complete baking
  • Has a three step programming that is very easy to use
  • Has 18 bread settings hence an added advantage compared to other addition, it has three crust color selections including light, medium and dark selections
  • Has 13 hour delay bake timer allowing for convenient and fresh baking either after work or early mornings
  • Comes with an easy to use manual having more than 50 recipes
  • Has the 60 minutes warm feature that ensures serving of the bread when one is ready
  • Has a large glass LCD that ensures easy monitoring of the whole baking process
  • Comes with accessories including a removable lid, cool exterior touch and an aluminum bread pan that is non-stick

5. Oster CKSTBRTW20 (2-Pound)

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This Oster bread maker has unique and excellent features. It utilizes expressbake feature to ensure freshly baked bread within a short time span of just one hour.

In addition, this best bread machine has 9 different pre-programmed settings with which you can select from to ensure much easier time in the baking process.

Salient features

This bread maker is characterized by the following unique features:

  • It has a loaf capacity of up to 2.0 lb., hence ideal for use by larger families.
  • It has large and easy to read LCD displays that ensure the easy observation of each stage of the baking process
  • It utilizes the expressbake cycle. This setting ensures baking of the bread is completed within just one hour hence saving on time and energy
  • It has a 1 hour programmable baking timer that allows for fresh breads at any given time and hence conveniently served
  • This Oster breadmaker also has a large glass window that aids in the monitoring of the baking process
  • Comprises of 12 bread settings and an additional 3 crust settings for breads, dough and jams variety
  • It has a cool touch exterior housing that minimizes heat accidents
  • Has also a signal notification that is audible, hence easy to detect when the bread is fully baked


Therefore, it is important to note that a breadmaker not only simplifies your baking but also ensures convenience in your domestic baking processes.

For this reason as stated earlier, going for the best bread maker remains the best solution. Oster therefore offers their bread makers in almost every online shop and at affordable rates.

In addition, these best bread makers have warranties hence no need to worry of damage risks while the machine is still new.

Therefore, for all your bread making appliances, I highly recommend that you go for Oster bread machines which will provide you a wide range of options and recipe in your baking.

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