There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to the scent of freshly baked bread. We all want bread machines, but we also don’t want to stretch our budgets.

Can you get a quality machine without breaking the bank? Yes, and you can thank technological advancements for this. You can score yourself a cheap bread machine that cuts down the time and effort you need to fill your house with sumptuous bread.

Here is a review of the top 5 bread machines under $100.

1. Conair Cuisinart CBK-100 2 lb. Bread Maker

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Cuisinart has been in the food appliance business since the 1970s, so they know what people want. The CBK 100 2 lb. bread maker is one of their most popular products that easily fits your $100 budget. It currently retails at $75 on Amazon. What do you get for this price? A programmable bread maker that allows you to simply add ingredients and input the time you want it to start making your bread. It’s got a 13-hour delay start timer.

It mixes, kneads and bakes. There are 12 pre-programmed menu options and 3 different crust settings. It works with lots of recipes-including pastries and jam- enabling you to make your favorite bread just the way you want it, and test out new kinds of recipes every now and then. It bakes 1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-pound loaves. You can take a peek and watch it make your bread through the viewing window.

It’s also safe, having been built to North American electrical standards. When there’s a power failure, it can retain the memory for up to 15 minutes using its power back up feature.

The unit stores the stage of the bread making cycle in memory, ready to resume when power is restored. It’s also easy to clean. The removable cup, spoon, pan and paddle can be put in the dishwasher. You can easily wipe the lid and touchpad control with a damp cloth.

2. Oster CKSTBRTW20 2-Pound Expressbake Breadmaker

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It’s currently Amazon’s bestselling bread machine, and retails at $59.99. The 2 lb. limit makes it ideal for making enough bread for large families. You can have your bread read in less than an hour, thanks to its Expressbake® setting.

The unit comes with 9 bread and 3 crust settings, so you can make the recipe of your choice from various breads, dough and jams. It doesn’t come with gluten-free setting, but you can always make gluten-free bread using its “wheat bread” option.

The LCD screen shows you every stage of the bread making process, thus enabling you to keep track of the operation. The 13-hour timer delay means you can bake your brad and find it ready for you after you get home from work.

3. Breadman BK1050S Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Convection Breadmaker

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It has over 300 preprogrammed recipes. Whether you want gluten-free bread, cake batter jam, pizza dough or even low-carb bread- it can make the all. Its timer delay is a whopping 24 hours long. It can make loaves up to 2 pounds.

This bread machine has 16 unique baking options and 3 crust controls. All these enhanced features make it retail higher than the others, at $95.34 on Amazon. But the efficiency and versatility it provides make it worth the cost.

4. Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine

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You can make anything from cinnamon-raisin bread and whole-wheat sandwich bread to buttery dinner rolls. Like the first 2 bread machines, this sunbeam product has a 13-hour delay and can prepare loaves up to 2 pounds.

The ExpressBake Breadmaker Cycle can make a glamorous loaf in less than an hour. It comes with 12 settings to give you versatility when making bread. You can even make jam, dough and cake. Its touch control panel makes it easy to use.

You get all this for $63.99 on Amazon. Note that you can only wash this bread machine by hand. Don’t go throwing it in the dishwasher.

5. Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker

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Do you want gluten-free bread, or bread without trans fats or preservatives? You can do that with this bread machine. With $58.99 on Amazon, you can take control of the nutritional content in your bread.

It’s easy to use- simple add the ingredients, select your preferred cycle, and press start. It also bakes up to 2-pound bread. It comes with 12 cycles, including cake and jam. You can make anything from pizza dough to croissants and flat breads. It comes with light, medium and dark crust settings; and also has an extra kneading paddle, allowing you to continue making bread while the other is in the dishwasher.

The 5 cheap bread makers offer you great quality without denting your wallet. In some areas, they are similar- like the 2 lb. limit. Your preference will be based on the extra features that set them apart. Whichever option you choose, rest assured that it’ll deliver on its promise.

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