West Bend Bread MachinesWest Bend has been producing quality and affordable home kitchen appliances for consumers, for more than 100 years. They are usually preferred over other brands due to their quality of materials, workmanship, and durability. Their customer service also works round the clock to ensure that customers are properly attended to, wherever they are. Like any other company, West Bend has been keen to establish a sound and strong reputation by producing high quality products. A perusal through the online reviews will show you what other clients say about its services. Their bread makers are very popular among home bakers and those who own small baking shops. Here are the top 4 West Bend bread makers.

West Bend 41410

This is a mid-level bread maker, with various salient features found on models that are more expensive. It is capable of making 3 loaf sizes, which are 1.5 pounds, 2 pounds and 2.5 pounds. This makes it perfect for large to small families. Some of the features present in this bread-making machine include 12-pre programmed settings, as well as 3 different crust settings.

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It takes around 3 hours to bake a loaf, which can be attributed to the large loaf sizes it is capable of producing. It features a sleek design, which also appears futuristic. It operates quietly, and doesn’t vibrate or move around during the baking procedure. A bread-making instructional manual has also been included.


  • Gluten free menu option
  • Dual-kneading blades
  • Rectangular bread pan
  • Two kneading paddles for enhanced dough kneading


  • Lacks carry handles
  • Lacks an automatic fruit and nut dispenser

This West Bend bread maker is an affordable, dual-blade machine. It comes with numerous features, which are mostly found in the high-end bread makers. It is a great and dependable bread maker, for those looking something costing around $100.

West Bend 41400 (2 Lb)

If you are looking for a bread making machine, which comes with sufficient features to handle your various bread-making tasks, then you should consider the West Bend 41400 2 Lb. It features a non-stick bread pan, which can make up to 2.5 pounds of loaf. It is much deeper when compared to a regular horizontal bread pan. This feature prevents flour from spilling and creating a mess.

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The pan itself is secured into position by a base instead of clips found in other models. This design allows the pan to remain solid and sturdy, instead of moving from one direction to the other. In terms of functionality, this bread maker comes with a wide range of features to prepare something for everyone. It also features a memory function, which enables storage of current settings for up to 5 minutes, when there is power outage.


  • Quite in operation
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite deep in terms of size

The West Bend 41400 2 Lb is one of the best bread machines, within the $100 price range. It performs consistently. If you are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly bread maker, which produces loaves quietly, this is the one for you.

West Bend 41300

The West Bend 41300 bread maker is a dual-blade machine, which allows you to produce bakery-quality bread, at the comfort of your home. It is quite small, considering that it is an automatic bread maker capable of making four loaf sizes. It features a wide range of programmable settings. The design of this West Bend automatic bread maker is functional and attractive. The outer shell consists of black plastic, with black buttons, a stainless steel lid and white font. It is designed to add beauty and elegance to your home kitchen. The LCD display is conveniently situated close to the front of the machine, while the buttons are easy to read.

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Two circular viewing windows provide convenience, allowing you to monitor the progress of the baking. Most importantly, it has a small footprint, which allows it to fit easily in your kitchen. This West Bend bread machine features a dual-blade design, allowing you to make horizontal loaves, similar to the sandwich bread you purchase in a supermarket. With this bread machine, you can make four different bread sizes, ranging from 1 pound all the way to 2.5 pounds. It comes with 11 programmable settings, together with 3 crust color choices. It also features a homemade setting, which allows you to customize the grain, cooking time, as well as the time spent on every cycle.


  • Bread rises consistently
  • Can knead and rise whole wheat
  • Strong motor combined with two kneading blades for kneading nicely
  • Homemade programmable cycles allowing you to customize your baking
  • Rectangular bread pan for long and horizontal loaves


  • Unreliable recipes
  • Lacks an automatic nut and fruit dispenser

Despite being such a simple bread-making machine, the West Bend 41300 is packed with many features for all your bread-making needs. It produces consistent results in baking and mixing. It is solid and simple, and goes for around $128.18 on Amazon.

West Bend 41200

There are very few bread makers on the market, which are available at affordable prices. Those that are affordable, tend to stain and rust easily, making them unsafe for making bread. However, West Bend has risen beyond that, to provide the West Bend 41200 bread maker. It stands out completely from its competitors.

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It comes with oval or rounded contour and a stainless steel finish. This machine is available in different colors. Apart from the plastic cover, there is an additional protective thick covering, which gives it a top-end, sophisticated look appearance. It can produce different bread sizes, ranging from 1 pound to 2 pounds. It features 12 different configurations together with 3 crust settings. It also operates quietly, as compared to other bread makers. The LCD panel is easy to read and comes with a delay timer. The delay timer allows you to prepare any bread, then have it when it is still fresh.


  • Good loaf quality
  • Stainless
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively quite when baking


  • Loud beep when changing programs

The West Bend 41200 is an excellent bread-making machine to have in your kitchen for all your bread preparation activities. It makes the whole work easier, comfortable, and simpler to the user. It can provide you with years of reliable service. It is available on Amazon for around $129.87.  

Bottom Line

West Bend bread makers are designed to provide an affordable solution, for everyone who wants to make bread at home. They are easy to use, making them preferable to those who are just getting started in bread making. They are highly durable, designed to give you long term crusty service. Most importantly, their products are known to be cost-efficient more so compared to the fact that they are of high quality.

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