West Bend 41200 Programmable Review

Hardly there are any bread makers available in the market that can be bought at reasonable prices and those that can resist any type of rust or stain on them And amongst all those bread making machines West Bend 41200 programmable bread machine is the one which stands out completely different from the rest. Stainless steel finish, rounded/oval contours, available in different colors and along with a black plastic cover and another protective thick covering gives this machine a sophisticated, top end look.


Where can you check the price of this bread maker?

To check out the prices of the bread makers you need to go through the Amazon.com   because it is the best site to browse in order to know about the different products in the market and bread makers in particular .To get the lowest prices on almost all bread makers like the West Bend 41200. Click the link to test it out.

Best feature that have been highlighted by the public

There are a lot of features in this machine that can be highlighted but the foremost feature that i believe needs to be mentioned is the big viewing window on top of the machine. This top viewing window allows you to peek-a-boo and also keep a check on the progress in the course of kneading or baking. This bread maker can make breads of all and every sizes but some of the famous sizes are 1, 1 1/2, and 2 pound horizontal loaf sizes.

What kinds of options does this bread maker have?

Then there are twelve variable configurations you can make for the breads such as wheat, French bread, Pita bread, Pizza bread, bagel dough, quick breads and a lot more. Besides the variable breads changing option there also are 3 crust settings for light, medium, or dark. This is the kind of machine which enables you to take advantage of the time by pressing the hold off start function to get freshly baked bread ready in an instant and when it’s needed plus it also has  a speedy and  rapid cycle which is turns out to be a great feature  when you need fresh bread on very short notice.

Is the LCD control panel any better than other machines?

The LCD control panel of this bread maker is lit from the back and a nice thing about it is that it is quite easy to read and you don’t have to move your eyes closely to read it. In short the LCD of this bread making machine is much much better than the other bread makers.West bend bread maker also comes with a booklet and recipe book which is somewhat essential for the starters.


West Bend Bread Machine

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West Bend 41200 Programmable Bread Machine Features and Specifications:

  •  The Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.5 x 11.5″
  • Shipping Weight: 14 pounds. This is not a heavy product but it is not extremely light as well.
  •  The total power consumed by this bread maker roughly comes out to be around490 watts of power
  • Blue back lit LCD control panel
  •  the notable famous sizes of the breads it bakes is 1, 1 1/2, and 2 pound horizontal loaves
  • 1 hour keep warm feature
  • Instruction and recipe booklet included
  • You can easy clean your pan with a nonstick baking pan.
  • 1 year limited warranty

West Bend 41200 Programmable Bread Machine Positive Review

Quite a large number of positive reviews have been received on West Bend 41200 programmable bread machine. Not just from the regular public this bread maker received some great reviews on its durability and reliability but also from the other bread makers too.

What the other bread makers say

A reviewer who referred to his or her self to be an inexperienced bread maker said  that the 41200 programmable bread machine is exactly what they have been expecting it could be, friendly to use, can be benefitting for anyone and surprisingly easy to wash knowing that it makes fantastic bread with a fine crust.

Does this machine produce any noise?

Innumerable number of people praised the noiselessness of this machine and how good does it work. The appearance of this bread maker has also been highlighted by a number of users and they think that it is trendy and up to date.


Unfavorable reviews

No machine is perfect and just like every machine this bread maker has also received some negative reviews about it by the public. We have been able to dig up very few unfavorable reviews for this machine. Of such, a good number of reviews were regrading the fragility of the machine and people complained  that the machine didn’t work or broke after one loaf but perhaps people that left negative reviews after receiving a faulty machine said regarding how good the customer service was once they called to fix the problem.

You do not want to know about the positive reviews about this machine because they are too many to count. There have been plenty of very positive reviews for this machine while the only negative reviews came from a few people that received a faulty item that is bound to happen occasionally if a company sells a huge number of units. The customer care services of West Bend have been highly praised by the public and if by chance you received a faulty item it was replaced immediately.

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