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Kenwood BM256 Review

The Kenwood BM256 bread machine is another cheaper bread machine you will see in the market around you. It is available in less than 100$ but if you buy sensibly it would not cost you more than 60$. The question in any sane mind ...Read More

Kenwood BM450 Review

Really nothing makes a home smell much better as compared to the tempting aroma of homemade bread. And using the Kenwood BM450 Bread Machine, all the hard work is done by the machine for you - you are able to relax and relish the ...Read More

Kenwood BM350 Review

People there you have it the new Kenwood BM350 Bread maker from one of the world’s major home appliance manufacturers machine. This machine is absolute class. It has got all the features that you can ask for. It is versatile, stylish, modern and up ...Read More

Kenwood BM250 Review

Among Kenwood’s most popular bread machines The Kenwood BM250 bread maker easily snitches the top spot. This bread maker has got everything what bread makers need to have and it will not disappoint you by its working or the feature it has got bread ...Read More