Cuisinart CBK200 Review

Have you ever seen a bread making machine that comes with the innumerable number of changeable programme features with the artistic appearance make quality breads too? Well if not then here is a chance to look at it and not just look you can even buy it.

The unique feature of this bread machine

The Cuisinart CBK200 bread machine comes with the massive 16 pre-programmed menu options that can be blended, mixed, jammed with each other so you can make almost 100 different types of bread. This is a very unique feature and only Cuisinart has been blessed to have this feature in their bread maker.

Keeping aside the unorthodox features of this bread maker you can also create bread in three different loaf sizes with light, medium, or dark crust. Even the newbies can bake the bread with this machine and they would not feel any trouble baking bread with this.

The tone feature

There is an audible tone to admonish you when the time comes to add additional ingredients and the ingredients may include anything fruits, dry fruits nuts, anything and there is a second tone that gives you the selection of detaching the paddle before baking. This tone mechanism is pretty handy for the frequent kitchen users at least it enables the people to make a check at the bread making machines if they are somewhere away or if they are in some other room.

Is there a delay timer present?

Right now there is a 12 hour delay timer so that you can have fresh baked bread ready and there is a convection fan installed in the bread maker to give fine texture and crust to the bread and to make sure that your bread remains tasty and the way you want it to be.


Cuisinart CBK200 Bread maker review

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Cuisinart CBK200 Bread Machine Specifications

  • Dimensions are normal 18 x 12 1/5 x 14 7/8″
  • This is a heavy machine and it does not weigh less than other machines. The weight is 21.7pounds
  • Programmable bread making machine
  • Convection fan is pre installed to make the bread fresh and tasty
  • Power failure backup is also present
  • 16 preset menu options like mentioned earlier

Cuisinart CBK200 Detailed Review

This bread maker got a positive response from the public overall and especially the users were pretty happy about it.  There were some people who kept whining about this bread machine but they were few in number. And the positive reviews outweighed the negative ones but not by a very overwhelming margin that we have seen I the other bread making machines.

People were really pleased with the working of this bread maker and the quality of the breads by the programme feature enslaved them. The convection fan that is present in this bread machine really helped the bread to become fresh.

The “best bread maker” testimonials

Numerous testimonials were recorded/noted down did say things like “best machine ever” or “makes perfect bread!” But not all of the reviews were this positive. Some other variety of features that people liked about the Cuisinart CBK200 were to be able to eliminate the paddle before baking so that you don’t end up having a hole in the bottom of your bread was a popular feature.

Low carb and glutten free diet options were also very fascinating. These were the features that were really applauded by the public.

Negative reviews

The people that presented this machine with the negative comments have many different complaints about it.

The bread pan issue

The bread pan was one issue that was addressed. The pan is a thin piece of aluminum with a nonstick coating. Sometimes the pan gets break off and it becomes really difficult to restore it. The slim aluminum doesn’t is not a good heat conductor or the aluminum is not of good quality and can easily cause burning off on the bottom of the loaf. People also report that the nonstick coating on the pan gets scratched up and starts peeling off pretty easily.

The trouble with convection fan

There were some troubles working with the convection fan feature. People were reporting that it only works well on some settings and not all the settings and that the other settings burn the bread.

Positive reviews outweighed the negative comments

Although the positive reviews did outweigh the unfavorable reviews there were adequate negative reviews about Cuisinart CBK200 that cannot be ignored and these negative comments definitely raise a concern. Possibly some of the positive response givers stated that this is not the kind of device where you just put in the stuff and walk away. You need to be there all the time.

The quality should be checked by your self and this is one amazing bread maker to be exact. You need to follow the instructions neatly and keep an eye on things. This is good machine and it should be given a try but be cautious and don’t overload it with a lot of ingredients. Treat it well and this machine will give you the best bread you ever imagined


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