Morphy Richards 48319 Review

A high quality product of the Morphy Richards is the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Bread Machine is highly exclusive and is sold with a multitude of features. With the name ‘premium’ it is clearly obvious that this machine is not like the rest of the machines and it has got some unique features which other bread makers are devoid off.

How good are the programmes of this bread maker?

It has got a whole lot of diversity in each department. The programmes are too many to be counted ( after much observation it was proven that there are 19-20 programs to be exact) which will give you a sense of relief as there are too many bogus bread making machines in the market which claim to have a lot of programmes in them but none is present.

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The looks of this bread maker is the feature to talk about

For the people who have exceptional aesthetic sense will like this machine a lot as the 48319 appears stylish, having a brushed stainless steel finish and a modern-day touch on its interior and exterior design.

For any sort of bread maker it is extremely important that the looks of the bread making machine remains good and a lot of families consider as their prime importance and a lot of women reject the bread makers just because their style is not good or their style does not match their kitchen.

So if you are among those people the 48319 bread maker will ensure you that the style is uncompromised. Some other salient features include a large numbers of settings the fast bake, sleep cycle, 3 different loaf sizes can be baked with this bread maker and 5 different crust settings.


Morphy Richards 48319 Bread Maker Review

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The retractable blade is amazing

The Morphy Richards 48319 Breadmaker apart from these features comes up with another irreplaceable feature that you won’t find in any other bread machine and that is the retractable blade. This is a very handy blade for any bread make but not many bread maker boasts about it reason being they don’t have it.

Features of the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Bread Machine

They key feature of this bread making machine is the diversity of programmes. 19 programmes are installed in this bread maker. Whatever bad the circumstances arethese programmes will help you to get your bread in the best way. All these enable you to bake a variety of bread so you can enjoy any party at your home. These programmes are immense that you can even have a bread day at your home each month.

The amazing 5 different crust settings

People have different tastes with regard to crusts, hence the 48319 offers 5 different settings from light to dark. There is no machine in the market that offers 5 different crust settings.

Hardly 2,4 crust settings are available in any bread making machine but this machine gives you 5 classy and refined crusts settings so you can have the bread according to your taste.
A fruit and nut dispenser is also integrated in there. Although this is a common feature now and most of the bread makers offer it still it is not a bad feature at all.

The Three different loaf sizes also present and you can have total control on the final product.

Stylish design remains the stand out feature of this bread maker

As stated earlier, the stand out feature remains the exceptionally stylish design of Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Bread maker which has seized the stares of most of the people who are fond of bread makers or who have some knowledge about it. An LCD display has added the total beauty of this bread maker and it makes easy to see the condition of your bread.

Morphy Richards 48319 Premium Bread Machine Reviews

The 48319 is probably not the most popular bread machine, but it received some really good reviews from the people who bought it. After an online polling in which the turn out was not exceptional but the overall comments on this machine were satisfactory.

A number of people point out that the bread machine appears good especially the appearance, it is lightweight and “economical” to touch. There is a flimsy feeling about this bread making machine.

There is not any significant problem with this bread maker but there gets some problem in its working some times when you use it roughly. Otherwise it’s a great bread maker to use.

Try buying the recipe book separately

Additionally you will be getting a recipe book with the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium bread machine, and some different measuring items. It is better if you buy a separate recipe book as the separate recipe books contains much more recipe tips and tricks.

An excellent choice for everyone

By and large, the Morphy Richards 48319 Premium bread maker is an excellent choice for all the families. The LCD display together with its stylish design makes it a high quality brand that’s worth considering. If you overlook the relatively flimsy design and slow working of this machine, then the 48319 can be perfect for you.

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