Morphy Richards 48330 Review

One of the exclusive and exquisite bread making machines of our time is the Morphy Richards 48330 Daily Loaf bread machine which is a mid-range bread maker that’s perfect for cooking anything you like. If you want to cook a bread a dough a pita bread any rolls or pizza bread then this is the machine you ought to be handling. Keeping aside all the other things, it has got a fast bake option, a fantastic feature if you want fresh bread efficiently and in no time.

Morphy Richards are undoubtedly one of the leading bread making companies in Europe so the quality and sublimity of this machine should not come as a surprise to you.

In this review on Morphy Richards 48330, we are going to have the talk in detail about the features and specifications of the machine, alongside the views of people who’ve in the past purchased the product.

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Technical Details of Morphy Richards 48330 Bread Machine

The amazing programmes of this bread maker

Not every machine offers you diverse programmes to bake any kind of bread and there are only a handful of bread making machines in the market that will allow you to do so. But this is the machine that will take care of all your needs. It has got 5 different programmes changing option to make you able to bake any kind of bread you want to.

Included in these baking things are the settings to bake several types of bread, together with pizza dough and rolls. To make pizza dough you always need a heavy machine and this is one which supports the making of pizza dough.

The side body of this bread making machine

In almost all the other bread makers the sides of the body remain hot after the baking process but in this bread making machine the sides of the body remain cool despite of the fact that the breads are being baked. This is a very innovative feature and it should be praised accordingly.

The viewing window is not that bad

The machine has a decent sized viewing window in order to make sure that you see the whole process of the baking. The viewing window is quite enough with which you can witness the whole account of bread making.

The fast bake option is a mandatory feature to be mentioned

There is also a fast bake option that will make sure you get the bread quickly. It has become a relatively common feature now and most bread making machine are offering the fast bake option but the thing to notice is how good and efficient this option is and how decent its performance is? Most machines claim to have the fast bake option but fail to give the desired results on the other hand the fast bake option of this machine is pretty handy and it gives to the results you’d ask for.

Sizes of loaves

Loaf size is 1lb but it can be changed depending upon your needs. But the 11 pounds love is quite suitable for people living alone or as a couple. There are people who think that 11pounds I not enough for two persons but we believe otherwise. Oh well it entirely depends on your appetite. This machine has come in a lot of versions and some version offer just one size of the loaf size that is the 11 pounds so in those versions which offers just a single loaf size option

The loaf size is probably not big enough for those who have a big family, therefore consider this while buying or make sure you get the version which has got different loaf size options.

The dimensions of this machine

Machine Dimensions are almost similar to other bread making machines i.e. 220x220x280mm. The good thing about this machine is the heavy performance it takes. With the features provided in this machine it is imperative that this bread maker must have a heavy system in there that regulates its working.

Other stuff

Instruction book and measuring cup is part of the package. Booklet has fifteen different recipes.


Morphy Richards 48330 Bread Machine reviews

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Morphy Richards 48330 Bread Machine Review

People have highly lauded this marvel Morphy Richards 48330 Bread Machine. As compared to the other bread making machines it is a relatively new product, as it was launched in 2010. So there aren’t many reviews of it but those people who have reviewed have spoken highly of it.

They have lauded the chic appearance of this bread maker and they have also given positive comments on the features this machine has got. Not many machines get such a positive response in a very short span of time but this machine has achieved this feat.

Users who’ve purchased the product, however, appear to be generally satiated with this purchase. Several comments are that the bread is almost sufficient for two persons. Every machine has a negative feature and one negative thing about this machine is that the Morphy Richards 48330 doesn’t include a countdown timer although the other features cover this con to some extent.

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