Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Review

The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread maker is another bread maker that just does not comes off the buyers list. It has got all the useful items that ought to be present in a bread maker and bakes very decent sizable and tasty bread and you do not have to rush towards the market when you wan to eat then when you can east it in your house.

This bread maker can be used by one person to family

It is a compact, easy to use appliance with a very economical price tag it carries with itself. It can be used for a single person and this bread maker can also be used by the whole family or to bake the bread for the whole family because of the innumerable number of features that reside in this bread making appliance. This bread maker has a 2 pound loaf capacity for bake family sized loaves of bread together with a 13 hour duration programmable baking timer by which you can eat the bread at any time you want. In addition to all these features this bread maker can also produce cakes, jellies, and dough as well.

The mesmerizing features

Some of the very top notch features that are present in this bread maker include the 12 baking features with the option of crust changing and it also offers an instruction book with recipes to get you started as quickly and easily as possible.

LCD display is pretty cool

The eye catching LCD digital display is not difficult to read and a there is also a baking window that makes sure that you can see the whole baking process with you own bare eyes. Another useful accessory that is present in this bread maker is the presence of non sticking pan. It really helps in the baking process especially if you are a frequent bread eater.


Sunbeam 5891 bread machine

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Sunbeam 5891 Bread Maker Features and Specifications:

  • Sunbeam 5891 Dimensions are very ordinary and are approximately 14 x 19 x 13.5″
  • This bread maker weighs almost 19.2 pounds
  • There are 12 baking selections and by 3 crust changing options you can change the crust of your bread.
  • 13 hour timer for delayed baking
  • A glassy LCD display alongside the touch control panel.
  • A see through viewing window
  • Removable nonstick baking pan
  • Instructions with recipes included
  • one-year limited warranty

Sunbeam 5891 Bread Machine Detailed Analysis:

When we delved into the research for the Sunbeam 5891 bread machine  we got to unveil a lot of good and positive reviews. One reviewer who had been using this bread maker for a long time said that “After 10 loaves I had with different kinds of bread maker the ones I had with this bread maker were arguably the most tasty ones and I can say this without a wee bit of doubt that this bread making machine is a very reputable bread maker and consistent basic bread machine that works well and is extremely cheap.”

Another user of this bread maker said that “I have finally cooked over 200 loaves in 13 months. This is the only bread maker which is extremely easy to use and once you get used to it I assure you for a kitchen man or lady this bread maker will be his/her best friend and the price tag on this bread maker is also very nominal and affordable.” One review that we found on Amazon came back three years later just give their review and said that they were still utilizing the same bread maker. The general opinion about this bread maker seems to be that this is an user friendly, easy to get along with, bakes exceedingly delicious bread and jams jellies whatever you want and the economical price tag is a cherry on top of the cake.

Some negative reviews

Every machine has the negative reviews and so is the case with this bread make but the negative reviews of this bread maker were not in very great amount as compared to the negative reviews of the other bread maker. The initial negative response that came from the people was their concern on the falling of the loaves whenever the loaves come out of the machine and the loaves frequently fall. One of the evaluators complained that the recipes that are included are wrong and include too much yeast. People used their own recipes and in result the loaves fall but if you use the recipe provided in the recipe book the loaves would not fall.

Why this bread maker would be a great buy?

Although there were quite a few negative reviews, out of almost 1000 reviews we got the positive comments outweighed the negative by a factor of over four to one. However, even some of the positive reviewers said that the recipe book should be bought separately. And overall people suggested that this is an excellent machine at a very cheap price and is definitely worthwhile considering if you’re looking for a bread maker but you might want to go ahead and buy a recipe book to go along with it.

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