Breville BR11 Professional Review

In the market you will se a lot of bread makers that range in different prices and quality of specs. There are some bread makers which are as cheap as 50-604 and then there are bread makers which are immensely expensive as in 500-1000$ but there is a bread maker in the market that is neither that cheap nor very expensive and offers quality of features that you will only find in this bread maker.

A professional bread maker but not as expensive as you’d expect

Yes I am talking about the Breville BR11 professional bread maker. As the name indicates it is a professional bread maker and it is used by the professional bread making people but this bread maker can also be used for household purposes as the features in this bread maker are not difficult to understand. Breville BR11 Professional Bread maker is known as a mid-priced range bread machine that’s perfect for baking any kinds of loaves or in short ‘diverse loaves’.

The Review of this Breville BR11 Professional Bread maker will feature a list of machines’ most talked about specifications, alongside those things about this bread making machine that many other people have been saying.


Breville BR11 Bread Machine

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Features of the Breville BR11 Professional Bread maker


The truck load of programmes

It is a fact that one expects a lot from a mid-priced range professional bread making machine. Just like we said it has got a truck load of features that you can talk about and I bet you would need a lot space for the mentioning. The Breville BR11 features a great number of different programs. In fact the company claims that there are almost 68 various baking and kneading choices.

68 different various programmes are present in this bread making machine. 68 is a big number and for the bread maker which has to make simple breads, this is huge.

Automatic settings are built in

In addition to this, there are also 12 automatic settings and programmes for making different kinds of bread like pizza bread, pita bread, Persian dough, Mexican loaf and then you can also make jams, jellies and other sweets too. Breville BR11 professional bread making machine has just completely revolutionized the whole concept of bread making.

All of this was just not enough there is a “continental” crispy program, which is obtained using an extended method to produce a browner crust. There are not any crust settings options in this bread maker because of the inclusion of the automatic settings and this feature clearly covers up the void of crust settings.

The extra varieties of bread that you can bake

There are loads of extra varieties in this bread maker with which you can make the types of bread that you have never thought off. If you feel like making a bread with the nuts and fruits on it then you don’t have to worry because The Breville BR11 Professional Breadmaker has an automatic nut and fruit dispenser plus It has a beeper to inform you when it has to be used.

The new smart bake system

The Breville BR11 Professional Breadmaker will outclass any other bread maker any given time, the proof is the presence of the Smart bake system with programmable memory which you would most probably not find in any other bread maker. This is very new feature introduced by this company and it works very well too.

Fast bake option

Just like all the other top quality bread machines, The Breville BR11 includes a fast bake setting. Same procedure like all for the other bread making appliances is applied here too. It is best if you want to finish off a loaf of bread quickly. Additionally there is a 15 hour delay timer which is a great time to set when you are about to sleep or have to do anything else – 15hours is more than the majority of the other bread making machines in the market which offer 8-10hours delay timing facility.

Other handy features

Some other handy features in this bread maker include a power interruption system, capability to control the  color of the crust together because normally the crusts gets darker so there is a useful feature in this bread maker to control it

The recipe book provided with this bread maker is the Antony Worrall Thompson’s recipe book.

Breville BR11 Professional Breadmaker Reviews

If you suggest that the reviews of the Breville BR11 Professional Bread maker are varies or there are mixed reviews then this is most probably an understatement. There’s no question about the versatility of the machine, and it contains an impressive range of settings.

Not many people have experienced difficulty with the bread maker, though, people have said that sometimes the machine halts and does not work quickly but this is not the case with every machine and a very rare amount of machines were reported to have this defect and those who had this were replaced immediately. The BR11 truly does come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty so try to be cautious while suing this machine.

You can find a great number of people who praise the Breville BR11 Professional Breadmaker. Many people have used this machine and are using it for several years without any problem. This bread maker should be given a try.

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