Breville VBM003 (Auto Bake) Review

The Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Bread maker can be described as budget machine reason being the price tag it is carrying with itself.  With the provided features and the price tag it is undoubtedly one of the very few bread making machines in the market that people actually want to buy. This is a great technique by the bread making companies actually very few have done it.

They have reduced the prices of the bread makers by half and the features included are almost the same as other bread making machines which are available in full prices.


One of the few exclusive features in this bread maker

Some of the few to features include a digital LCD display with the big fonts and numerical values helping to make reading and setting the right options easily, different loaf sizes along with number or applications. Even though the machine isn’t considered the best available on the market because it is pretty new as compared to the other bread making machines, but it is worth the value for many people and bakes the kind of bread you have never tasted before.

What sets this bread machine apart from other bread making machines?

The only major thing that sets Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Bread maker apart from other machines is the price. It is available in half the price, like if a bread maker is available in 100$. This bread maker is ready to offer almost similar kind of features in 100$. This is good business.


Breville VBM003 Bread maker

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Breville VBM003 Bread Machine Specifications:

Here are the popular specs of this of the Breville VBM003 Bread Maker in detail.

Diverse settings are phenomenal

The diverse settings options has become quite common in the bread makers but in this bread making machine there are 12 diverse settings option in total. 12 diverse settings enable you to bake just the type of loaf that you’d like that you would want to eat and that you would want to serve to your guests as well. Even though there are other machines which have got more than 12 programmes, still this is the bread maker which offers you 12 different programmes in no amount in comparison with the other bread makers which offer you in truck loads of money.

Plus 12 diverse settings would be adequate for most of the families. Be sure to check the program to be sure of your favorite feature before you start making breads. Whatever bread you want to make just make sure that the settings you are opting for are correct or not.

Auto baking the different loaves

The Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake bread machine has the capacity to bake three bread loaves of different sizes. The normal sizes that are compatible with your appetite are the medium small and large size of loaf. If you are a single person then the small loaf would be sufficient for you but for a large family you definitely need a huge amount of appetite and for that large sized loaf is required.

You don’t need to bake a small sized loaf every other day just because you want to feed your family a large sized loaf would do the trick.

The incising kneading blades and the bread pan

Other things that are very useful are the bread pan and the kneading blades. The kneading blades cut with extreme precision and your bread remains fine throughout plus these kneading blades are non sticky so you need not to worry that your bread would stick to the blades. The bread pan is a haven and it will serve you the finest bread.

The mesmerizing fast bake option

The fastbake feature lets you prepare a loaf of bread in under an hour. This is an extremely quick fast bake programme in comparison to the other bread baking machines and even in comparison to some of the costly bread makers in the marketplace at this time. Fast bake option lets you bake the bread in no time and savor the real taste of the bread instantly. The quality of the bread remains as it is so you don’t have to worry about it.


What people say about the Breville VBM003 Auto-Bake Breadmaker

Even though the Breville VBM003 is a budget breadmaker is not a very common bread maker in the market right now but you shouldn’t put it off, especially if you just want a simple bread maker that can take care of all your needs.

The reviews we got online were quite satisfactory and people really loved this machine. And the only talking point remained the price of this bread maker. At only £50 it represents a good, decent, viable bread making machine that is not a worry to handle unlike other bread making machines.

It will provide the best bread in the most apt time through its fast baking option. All those that bought this bread making machine were really impressed with the machine itself, however the recipe book remained the only concern among the people. So it would be nice if you buy the recipe book separately.

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