Russell Hobbs 10006-10 Breadman Review

Well not every machine in the market place can be called as the best but very few take the honours being the best bread making machines and  Russell Hobbs 10006-10 Ultimate bread maker – is among those best bread machines in the marketplace at the moment.

Is there any timer delay option in this machine?

It has got plenty of features that can be talked about including a full 24 hour delay timer and that is something which many other bread makers don’t have and it is arguably the best feature of this bread maker besides this it has also got too many  diverse combinations of cycles and it is reported that almost 100 different combinations of cycles is what this bread maker is composed of.

Diverse Settings and the Pause system

We have discussed the most top features of this bread making machine and timer delay is undoubtedly the best feature of all. But in addition to these functions, the Russell Hobbs 10006-10 Bread man contains a very unusual feature in it and it is called the pause system. Now you must be thinking what it is? because hardly any bread making machine has got this feature. Well you put all the materials in the baker the baker continuously bakes the material until it becomes the bread and it is done without any pause.

Now you have this pause system in this bread making machine a 10 minute random pause system you can make if you want plus a detachable lid, along with customised recipes. If you really want to try an unorthodox style of bread making  then the Russell Hobbs 10006-10 Breadman will be your prime choice.


Russell Hobbs Bread Machine

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Specifications of the Russell Hobbs 10006-10 Breadman

  • One of the top features of The Russell Hobbs 10006-10 is that it is designed to be easy to work with. You can easily get along with this bread making machine without any hassle. Rapid cycles, Quick baking is what this bread maker is famous for.
  • You done need to get bored with a specific type of bread in your kitchen area or the bread in your mouth because now Russell Hobbs offers you innumerable types of bread with its different bread making cycles. Almost 100 different baking cycles are present in this machine.
  • Timer delay is great function is in this bread maker and the good thing about that is you can now delay the bread making for as long as you can. If you don’t want to take the bread right now or you don’t feel like eating it the very next morning then simple delay the whole method by applying the timer button. If you wish to get a loaf of bread ready for a function then the delay timer is vital.

    You must be thinking about the 24hour timer button and the 24 hour timer that this bread maker offers might be a little too much for a few, but surely provides you with a lot of extra control over when the machine will start.

  • Observing window is feature that is present in almost every baking machine but the real problem is the size of the observing window. Obviously you cannot see through the observing window if it is very small. You need a big sized observing window that can fit to your eyes and you can see the whole baking process
  • The Russell Hobbs 10006-10 Breadman is an ultimate bread maker and only one of its kind. This can be proven by the types and sizes of bread it cooks. And now you don’t have to fret about the types of bread you want to eat you can have any bread you want.

    Russell Hobbs can cook bread of 500g, 750g and 1kg loaves which is a great size for any bread making machine. This feature is very essential for everyone family especially the large ones.

  • Some of the additional features of the Russell Hobbs 10006-10 include an amazing backup feature for the power restoration of your machine if by any chance your machine loses power. There is a random delay feature and fruit and nut dispenser. This equipment has a tidy ‘white’ finish and it is very appealing too.

Positive Reviews

Unlike other bread makers in the market The Russell Hobbs 10006-10 has received good reviews from the people who have bought it and used it to the fullest. Many people lauded the diverse settings panel in this bread making machine and the clear directions given regarding how to make the bread. A recipe book and a guide was also very useful to a lot of customers. A preferred feature is the option to save your favourite recipes.

Negative Reviews

There are always some side effects. The machine isn’t new, so people should have plenty of time to use it, and some people have said that it is unreliable for some odd reasons in comparison to other machines. Some people have also complained about the problem they face while replacing the damaged parts of the machine.

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