Kenwood BM250 Review

Among Kenwood’s most popular bread machine “The Kenwood BM250 bread maker” easily snitches the top spot. This bread maker has got everything what bread makers need to have and it will not disappoint you by its working or the feature it has got. The most prominent and noticeable thing about this bread maker is that it is very economical as compared to the other bread makers in the market.

It is just available in 654 which is more than great price for any bread maker. At just £65, it’s undoubtedly affordable, cheap and economical and offers sufficient features making it a bread machine worth considering.

During this whole BM250 review we’ll discuss the features and specifications of this bread maker in detail and the public reviews on it too.

bm250 bread maker

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Kenwood BM250 Features and Specifications

The diversity of Programmes

In a modern day bread maker the first feature everyone notices is the quality of programmes present in the machine. Everyone wishes to buy the bred maker which has got a lot of programmes in it and the programmes that are actually beneficial to you.

There are a lot of programmes in this bread maker too. For instance, there’s a dough setting for cakes and croissants along with a setting to make jam.

This is a very handy feature for all especially moms that arefond of cooking and baking. It is a great way to keep them busy and they can cherish themselves while making breads along with jams and jellies.

If you need versatility then the Kenwood BM250 is the bread maker to buy and it will surely not disappoint you. Having the ability to bake bread in the morning, then dough for an evening supper is surely not a bad feature of this bread maker at all.

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Can you bake different kinds of loaves with this machine?

Talking about versatility, this bread maker has also got the permission to bake 3 different kinds of loaves (1 kg each). People want things to be different and this is the feature by which you will not just relish the quality of bread but also the diversity in there.

There’s also the regular crust color settings in this bread maker though these settings have become pretty common now yet viable.

The fast bake function is extremely fast

Even though this bread maker is not specifically a fast bake machine, still you will find a fast bake setting by which you can bake the bread or loaf under an hour.

This bread maker is specifically known for its diverse settings option but fast bake option has also become a necessary option these days so the company Kenwood has thought to put a fast bake option  button too just to make sure that if someone wants his bread to be bakes fast he does not turn away disappointed.

The delay timer is a great feature for every one

While many bread makers possess a timer up to 13 hours some have up to 12 hours while there are some which have timers just up to 10 hours but this amazing Kenwood BM250 bread maker features a delay timer up to 15 hours.

There are people who sleep a lot and this is the feature for those people who do not have much check on the time and they sleep as if the are not going to wake up again.

Alongside other classy features there is a keep warm function that allows you to prevent the bread from going cold after it has been baked for an hour at least. Not every bread maker offers this feature so it should be lauded.

The timer thing works very easily and even beginners do not have to worry about this. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the machine and set the timer on after the timer has been completed just take out the bread it would be ready. You can even pause the timer if you want to.


Other accessories

There is a huge window for giving a check at the progress of the bread plus an LCD screen providing you the information on the overall information of the bread maker and the bread which is in the process of making. The screen also lets you to set the number of different options and programmes with.

A recipe book is also present with the whole package. Recipe book is in actual a guide book which lets you know about all the features of the bread maker. If you want the real recipe book then it is reckoned that it would be better if you buy a separate recipe book.

What people say about the Kenwood BM250 Breadmaker

The overall reviews of the Kenwood BM250 on and other sites came out very positive.

Most of the people claim that this bread maker bakes amazing bread and maintains the quality whilst some have concerns about the clips not as strong as they should.

Moreover, one reviewer pointed out that the flaw in the LCD screen. Despite all of these negative comments most people enjoyed using theKenwood BM250.

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