Kenwood BM350 Review

People there you have it the new Kenwood BM350 Bread maker from one of the world’s major home appliance manufacturers machine. This machine is absolute class. It has got all the features that you can ask for.

It is versatile, stylish, modern and up to date bread making machine and not many people have used it and those who have say that the words are not enough to describe the quality of this product.


Top class features of this product

Many of the top class features of BM350 include a fast bake system which can bake your bread in mere 58mins, a convection fan is installed in the bread maker to give you a “crisper” textured bread and umpteen variety of various programmes for baking kinds of different breads that you have not even dreamt off.

This Kenwood BM350 Bread maker review is about the features of the bread machine, before we get on the reviews section of the people regarding the specs this machine has and the reaction of the people when they first bought this machine.

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Features of the Kenwood BM350 Bread maker

Not every machine is built with classic design except the Kenwood BM350 Bread maker which is equipped with a stylish stainless-steel design. The usual bread makers in the market you see are simple and the manufacturing companies do not pay a lot of stress on their slimness which we believe appears to be the prime factor when people try to buy these kinds of bread makers.

This bread maker appears well made, slim and appealing by slim we mean that as compared to other machines it has got lesser weight but works more, and that is essential for any bread machine. However it is extremely an oversized machine, therefore, if you’re stuck for room space you ought to think about a more compact bread machine.

 Diverse programmes

14 diverse programmes are available in this amazing bread maker. For making jam and the pizza dough this is an exceptional bread maker. It works so efficiently and so quickly that no other machine has come in its way to beat the working of this machine.


Kenwood BM350 bread machine

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Fast bake function

The Kenwood BM350 Bread maker features a 58 minute vital fast bake system, helping you to bake a light loaf of bread with ease. This is very important function and almost every family needs it so the fast bake programmes should be working and up to the mark which is the case with this bread machine.

12 hour delay timer is a great thing to have

Moreover, for delaying the bread you want to make there is a 12 hour delay timer which is excellent for overnight baking especially when you want to have the fresh bread in the morning. If you require more than 12 hours, then you need to have another type of machine, even though this bread maker ought to be good enough for many people.

There is also an hour long “keep warm” feature to make sure that the bread you have just baked remains warn although you have stopped the machine. This is the feature every machine should have but unfortunately only a handful of machines have got this feature.

 Power interruption system

Some other features that are included in this machine are an 8 minute power interruption system. In extreme case whenever this power shortage in your area then this power interruption system plays an important role. Then there is another function which is the capability to choose from three different crust settings.

It is a very cheesy function and very useful too especially for the people who have a different taste of breads and they want an extra thing in the bread. So the crust settings will make sure that you have an extra additional benefit in the bread by variable crusts. And then you have the choice between three different loaf sizes. The Kenwood BM350 Bread maker is able to make breads up to 1kg and down below to 500grams.

As you have seen, the Kenwood BM350 Bread maker has got some real quality features, and it does everything you’d expect from a top quality bread machine.


Kenwood BM350 bread maker reviews

Reviews about the Kenwood BM350 Breadmaker are usually very good. The customers really appreciated the overall built of this bread making machine and they think that it is one good bread making machine you ought to use if you want to make decent breads.

The favorable points that caught the attention of the people were the high quality rapid bake program (which is extremely helpful when you want to make light loaf of bread), the capacity to produce a selection of different types of bread and the overall user friendly settings and setup have really impressed people.

There are some negative aspects also just like any other machine, for example that the Kenwood BM350 bread maker is comparatively smaller than other machines but it is somewhat noisy which may be a problem for you for some time. Overall though, the BM350 is a great bread maker if you want to buy a classy machine then this is the one which you will not regret buying.

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